Matthew W. Horace, a CNN law enforcement and security analyst and an internationally recognized law enforcement, homeland security, and leadership expert, is a twenty-eight-year veteran of federal, state, and local law enforcement, ascending to the Senior Executive Service (SES) rank in the United States Department of Justice where he managed local, regional, national, and international investigations. In this role, he worked in every state in the United States and many foreign countries. Horace has received commendations and awards from governors, mayors, congressional representatives, and corporations. He is also an accomplished and energizing motivational speaker, trainer, lecturer, leadership consultant, and recognized broadcast news and media contributor, frequently featured as a law enforcement analyst on CNN in live broadcast news segments related to homeland security, federal and state investigations, and general law enforcement matters.

Horace is an advisory board member for the New York-based Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation (FEHSF), president of the 100 Black Men of New Jersey, former president of The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) NNJ, and a member of numerous other professional organizations. He is also a consultant for The Hetty Group, a social impact advisory practice and, in 2009, founded The Horace Foundation Endowment for Criminal Justice Studies at Delaware State University in memory of four university students who were slain in a Newark, New Jersey, schoolyard.

Published in 2016, Horace coauthored the bestseller THE C.A.L.L., an anthology of short stories written by black men aimed to inspire Character, Accountability, Love, and Leadership in young men as they enter adulthood. Huffington Post: His second book, “Coptics, The Optics of Policing In The Digital Age” is scheduled to be released in 2017. He is currently senior vice president and Chief Security Officer for FJC Security Services, a national security firm based in metropolitan New York City, and an adjunct professor at Farleigh Dickinson University. Matthew Horace lives in New York. For more information, please visit

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